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 Our Story 

It all began with a boy from Switzerland...


...who came to this great country when he was 14. That would be Swiss Chef Joe Bernardi who, with his wife Helma, opened Pepino's in 1984.  Joe served in WWII as an Army Ranger and part of Merrill's Marauders.  He was  also the man responsible for cooking for his fellow soldiers and troops.  Known for being the Executive Chef for Henry Ford and Lee Iacocca,  Joe was a simple man who strictly adhered to his philosophy that great food, consistency, hard work and treating our customers as family was the foundation for greatness.  That was his recipe for success, and 34 years later, that still stands true.  Joe's legacy is the heartbeat of Pepino's.















A Rise from the Ashes...


Many of you watched with the Pepino family as live film crews and drones recorded the devastating fire that took Pepino's down to rubble in Walled Lake, MI on November 2, 2015.  

In less than 8 weeks, we rose from the ashes.  Through blood, sweat, tears, and a collective effort on behalf of  the staff, customers,  and the community, we were able to open the New Pepino's in the wonderful community of Sylvan Lake, MI, where we were welcomed with open arms.  


The Pepino family wants to thank each and every one of you for your love and support.  We love seeing each one of your faces in our new home, as well as so many people meeting and visiting us for the first time.  You're all more than our customers, you are part of the Pepino legacy.


* * * 
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